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For centuries, stories have existed about the Elfinfolk—tiny people that live among humans. They reside in our towns and cities, under our floorboards, and inside the walls of our houses. They leave their hidden domiciles when our backs are turned, and forage food from our gardens and our kitchens. They take small items, using our discarded belongings and scraps as raw material for their communities. If ever a spool of thread, small length of cloth, or a handful of sugar cubes goes missing, you can be sure it is the work of the Elfinfolk.

These days, of course, people aren’t so superstitious. We know better than to believe in tales of tiny thieves. When a spool of thread goes missing, it was the work of the cat knocking it under the furniture. And those sugar cubes? Well maybe someone had been drinking their tea a little extra sweet lately. But Elfinfolk? Those stories are just that: Stories, and nothing more... Right?

Elfinfolk is a tabletop role playing game in which players will take on the role of the Elfinfolk, a minuscule people whose lives are awash with adventure, heroism, and even romance.

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GenreAction, Adventure, Role Playing


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

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