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It seems like just yesterday that you were home, in the “real” world, or at least that’s what you thought of it as at the time. And maybe it really was just yesterday that you were there, but at this very moment, that place is an immeasurable distance from you, or at least you assume it is. Somehow, you have been whisked away to a world that you could only imagine; one that you never would have believed to really exist. In your wildest daydreams, maybe you wished to be in an exotic and magical fantasy world where nothing was as it seemed, and all manner of fantastical beasts and peoples thrived, but now that you are here, you can fixate your mind on only one goal: finding your way back home. Though you are focused on finding your way home, you realize just how surreal this experience is and want to remember it forever, so you have taken to journaling. You keep with you a small journal, in which you make notes of the events that have transpired and the discoveries you’ve made in this unfamiliar world.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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"Journey Home Print Friendly Version.pdf" , Event Result 6 is included in a Result 8.

We recently reviewed this wonderful game for our blog. Read the review here: https://podofblunders.com/2021/03/05/journey-home/

Can you make a printer-friendly version?


Absolutely!! I’ll work on getting that finished up this weekend! Thanks for the feedback!


A new print friendly version has been added!